Hydrographic Engineer / Marine Geomatics Specialist

Contest # 2023-02
Position Summary:
The candidate will use several remote sensing techniques (satellite images, multispectral images, aerial or airborne laser photography) and will use sophisticated electronic instruments to acquire measurements by maritime means (multibeam sonar, side-scan sonar, seismic sonar, magnetometer, single-beam sonar, submarine, surface and aerial drones, etc.) to obtain all the information necessary for the preparation of nautical charts (shores, rivers, seabed, tides and currents) and nautical and oceanographic documents. The candidate is also responsible for measurement campaigns at sea (depths, tides, currents, temperatures and degrees of salinity, the nature of the bottom, the gravity field, the magnetic field, etc.). He or she must be able to work on hydrographic vessels and also to prepare for operations at sea and in the field, as well as to conduct the corresponding work and ensure the processing and formatting of the data collected.
Under the direction of the Director General of CIDCO, you will participate in the realization of special work in hydrography. You will participate in the research and development of new technologies related to the acquisition, processing, analysis and manipulation of marine spatial data. In addition, the incumbent will conduct field experiments and integrate prototype systems to collect hydrographic data. You will also be involved in CIDCO's professional training program in hydrography.
Duties and responsibilities:
•    You will use knowledge of mathematics, engineering, geomatics sciences, and computer science to develop computer tools for the acquisition of marine geographic information in digital form, the archiving and management of geospatial databases, the analysis and search of geomatic data, the representation in real environment of the data collected;

•    You will have to work closely with different experts and multidisciplinary researchers such as hydrographers, land surveyors, civil engineers, oceanographers, underwater archaeologists, fishermen, programmers, electronics engineers;

•    You will participate in pilot projects at sea, studies, analyses, designs, tests and implementations of systems to optimize the acquisition, processing, management, production and dissemination of marine space data;
•    You will write technical reports on the progress of projects as well as summary documents;

•    You will participate in the writing and presentation of scientific articles at national and international conferences;

•    You will participate in the transfer of expertise and training to partners on the use of hydrographic data acquisition and processing technologies and software. In addition, contribute to CIDCO's e-learning training program in hydrography and its seven (7) week practical internship;

Required Education and Experience:
•     1st or2nd cycle university degree in engineering or geomatics, oceanography or geography. Training in hydrography recognized by the International Hydrographic Organization would be an asset;
•    Two years of experience in the field of data acquisition using mobile platforms (airborne, naval, land), sensors and associated systems (multibeam and single-beam sounders, LiDAR, inertial units, GNSS positioning);
•    Strong knowledge of applied geodesy, observational theory, and adjustment;
•    Knowledge of mathematics for engineering and information processing (numerical methods, statistics, algorithmics);
•    Ability to program numerical methods and process data using Scilab or Matlab; Python; Fortran, C, or C++.
•    Knowledge of professional software used in hydrography such as Teledyne PDS, Qinsy, Kongsberg SIS, CARIS HIPS/SIPS as well as proficiency in GIS (ArcGIS, QGIS).
Skills, skills sought and demonstrated:
•    Ability to work in a team in a cutting-edge scientific field;
•    Openness and interest in multidisciplinarity;
•    Ability to abstract and mathematical model;
•    Good synthesis skills with a problem-solving approach;
•    Excellent oral and written communication in French and English;
•    Renewable annual contract (35 hours per week);
•    Salary between $48,500 and $97,000 depending on qualifications and experience;
•    Competitive benefits program;
•    Starting date: January 2024
Interested candidates must submit their curriculum vitae before October 16 at 5 p.m.
CIDCO Competition No. 2023-02
Jean Laflamme – Executive Director
By email: jean.laflamme@cidco.ca
Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.