CIDCO is well-equipped to carry out its applied research activities in hydrography.

Some of our equipment:

Hydrographic vessel F.-J. Saucier 

Very manoeuvrable in the marine environment of the St. Lawrence estuary, optimized for ocean mapping.

Learn more about the F.J. Saucier

Multibeam Sonar RESON SEABAT 7125 SV

Dual frequency multibeam echosounder.Spec Sheet

Multibeam Sonar Pico MB-120

The PICO MB-120 is a compact multi-beam sonar that can easily integrate with ASVs. Spec Sheet

Inertial stations IxBlue HYDRINS et ATLANS-C

Hydrins is a high performance inertial navigation system (INS) optimized for hydrographic surveys using multibeam echosounders.

Atlans is a high performance all-in-one position and orientation solution for both land and airborne mobile mapping applications

LiDAR Z+F 9012A

The Z+F PROFILER® 9012 is a compact high-speed phase-based laser scanner with great precision, 119 m range and a 360° field of view. With its scan rate of more than 1 million points/second it can acquire very high density point clouds even at high platform speeds.


The HydroBall® buoy is an autonomous bathymetric data acquisition solution that is particularly efficient in non-traditional environments including rivers, canyons, reservoirs, ultra-coastal zones, and remote locations.The HydroBall® integrates three main components: a GNSS L1/L2 receiver, a miniature inertial motion sensor, and a single beam echosounder. Learn more about HydroBall

ASV Catarob Subsea TechTS-03

Autonomous surface vehicle. It can integrate a multibeam sonar.

Side scan sonar STARFISH 990F

High resolution side scan sonar for small area object detection.


Inertial navigation system.


Sonar Knudsen Chirp 3212

Sub-bottom profilier


BioSonics MX

Echosounder system used for the characterization of aquatic habitat.


And more...

Do not hesitate to contact us for requests or specific needs of specialized equipment.