Software development

Development of specialized software tools

Software development is now an integral part of advancement in science. CIDCO's IT team works in all areas of research by providing users with specialized tools in multiple areas:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Automated Object Detection
  • Automated Classification for Bathymetric LiDAR
  • Anomaly Detection: Data Cleanup
  • Bathymetric Data Processing

Some examples of related projects:


Developed by CIDCO, Depthstar is a single-beam sonar data processing software. This software has been specifically designed for HydroBall data processing needs. Several modules are included in the software.

Learn more about DepthStar


Open Sidescan is a powerful data processing software suite (open source), develop by the CIDCO programers team, to easily view and manipulate sidescan sonar imagery files, investigate seabed features or underwater infrastructures, create underwater inventories, and much more.

Learn more about Open SideScan.