Underwater inspection

Facilitate underwater inspection

Our research aims to apply and standardize inspection methods by integrating technologies such as multibeam sonars, mechanical scanning sonars, acoustic cameras, optical cameras and LiDAR in order increase the speed of inspection by collecting 3D data sets for global modeling of the structure or the identification of deformation.

Applications include:

  • Underwater archeology
  • Infrastructure Inspection

Some examples of related projects:


Battle of the St. Lawrence

According to historical research, 16 ships sunk in Québec by German U-boats have been identified. CIDCO partnered with subaquatic archeologist Érik Phaneuf in his search for shipwrecks related to the Battle of the St. Lawrence.


LiDAR et sonar integration for infrastructure inspection

CIDCO developped an inspection framework coupling a multibeam echosounder for submerged structure survey and a mobile LiDAR for above water structure survey on a single boat. This framework allows for rapid and informed decisions with respect to integrity and maintenance of ports, bridges or dams. This process includes installation and calibration of equipment on our hydrographic vessel as well as data processing tools combining both technologies (Sonar / LiDAR).