Vivez la Bataille du Saint-Laurent à travers ses épaves

For the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the St. Lawrence (1942-2017) we would like to present Vivez la bataille du Saint-Laurent à travers ses épaves. This project aims to make this little-known part of Canadian history accessible to the general public. More specifically, this project deals with the events that took place on/under water.

Vivez la bataille du Saint-Laurent à travers ses épaves consists of reconstructing the Battle of the St. Lawrence as it happened in Quebec. It also aims to locate some of this naval battle’s wrecks.

This project has been made possible through the financial participation of the Department of Canadian Heritage.

Overall Structure of the Project

There were various stages to this project:

First of all, after intensely researching primary sources, analysing, and cross-checking historical facts, Samuel Côté retraced the history of the 16 ships sunk in Quebec by German U-boats.

Samuel Côté’s efforts allowed the CIDCO team (Interdisciplinary Center for the Development of Ocean Mapping) and underwater archeologist Érik Phaneauf to look for new wrecks from the Battle of the St. Lawrence.

Samuel Côté’s research has also allowed Groupe PVP to successfully create an animated reconstruction of the Battle of the St. Lawrence.

Partners and Acknowledgements

Through sheer perseverance and determination, Samuel Côté has built up a wide network of partners and collaborators around the world. For Vivez la bataille du Saint-Laurent à travers ses épaves, Samuel was able to count on the participation of people from many different backgrounds who truly helped the process: ancient photograph collector, naval architect, historian, museologist, archivist, geomatics specialist, hydrographer, fisherman, captain and subaquatic archeologist.

We would like to thank the following people for making this project a success: Michael L. Hadley, Roger Sarty, Fraser M. Mckee, André Kirouac, Nathan M. Greenfield, Michael Whitby, Roland Berr, Thomas Weis, Peter Monte, Jerry Mason, Valerie Casbourn, Yves Tremblay, Jeannot Bourdages, Émilie Devoe, Guy Sainte-Croix, Alain St-Pierre, Sylvain Gautier, Coralie Monpert, Jean Laflamme, Liz Fortin, Geneviève Robichaud and Érik Phaneuf.

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